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Can I make money off my invention idea? The 11 questions that will save you time, heartache and money by nailing down any invention product Deal Breakers and then point you in the right direction." 

New Product Development System for First Time Inventors

Map  -

           My step-by-step system to chart your course from "Great Idea" to "Profitable Product"

Let me help you avoid the costly potholes on the road to invention success!

If you're anything like me, you're a mom who saw a problem and thought, "There has to be a better way…" so you put on your thinking cap and came up with an awesome idea. You told someone close to you and they said "Wow! You should invent that! You can be the next Spanx® or Snuggie®! Dreams of TV appearances and fat bank accounts filled your head.

Why not you? You're smart and resourceful… Then as you started down the road on your invention journey, you prayed you were spending your family's limited resources on the right things. Now, "Analysis Paralysis" has taken over and you fear that one day you'll walk into Target and see someone else has already beaten you to market. Ugh! 

Okay, this is where I can help, because I've been there.

​My Strap Tamers® prototype was an intricately bent paperclip I was able to turn into a great product which has been sold in most major department stores, Walmart and Target. Along the way, I stepped into some potholes and took some wrong turns, but now, I know the road and I've put all I've learned together for you.

Every inventing journey is a little different, depending on the product, but there are some common steps you must take if you’re product is going to be a success. By following my template, you’ll cover the critical steps, stay organized and move forward the fastest, easiest, least expensive and most efficient way possible.

Since my appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show back in 2007, I've had a barrage of calls from wonderful women wanting to develop their great ideas into profitable products so they could earn semi-passive income and have more control over their lives. I loved talking with each of them so much! (Since many people had kindly mentored me, I was thrilled to be able to pay it forward). What became glaringly apparent though, was that with so much information to impart, I wished I could hold their hand and walk them through the entire process. I felt it would be so much better if I could just help them map out a course with my template. Problem was, it was mostly in my head. Not any more… Voila… My Eureka Road Map New Product Development System for First Time Inventors. It covers the bottom line items you must check off on your inventing journey to get a product out of your imagination and into the hands of consumers… and get their dollars into your bank account. 

As a recurring guest expert on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, I loved the Minute to Millions segment. We put a new company in "The Hot Seat" to nail down whether or not their product had the right concept, name, packaging, price and target market to, in fact, be "A Big Idea." In the segment intro video, the inventor would explain and demonstrate their product, usually ending with a hopeful "Donny, help me make millions!" It was a fast paced, exciting segment that usually culminated with us all agreeing that "Yes, indeed, it was A BIG IDEA!" On occasion though, we'd see a product that wasn't really "A Big Idea" and the inventor was so far in love with their dream that it was difficult for them to even hear any constructive advice, no less take it. You see this all the time on Shark Tank, people who have invested so much of money and heart only to hear they should not have. Oh, how I wish they had really done their homework and had been honest with themselves! I love to see people succeed and my heart breaks for them when they don't. What other great ideas did they miss out on while they were wasting time on a doomed project?

It is a selection of questions from topics covered more in depth in my Eureka Road® Map. I want you to quickly catch any deal breakers before you fall too far in love with your invention.

If you are able to nail down the answers to these questions, Congratulations! You're off to a great start! If not, you'll be proud of yourself for being brutally honest and taking these questions head-on. You are smart and resourceful and I'm sure you'll think of another great problem solver. So, go come up with a new "Big Idea," and FAST! Don't spend precious time and money crying in your rice crispies about what could have been. Throw this idea out quickly and open yourself up to the right vehicle to move you forward now. I've had to to ask myself these same questions time and time again. I know how hard it is. For me to have success with Strap Tamers®, there were many ideas I had to push aside. You can do this. Just do it right.

Eureka Road™ Map